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[News Update] JIPYONG North Korea Team
Jipyong 2018-10-26

JIPYONG North Korea Team

The Korean peninsula is facing momentous changes including the inter-Korean relationship. North Korea will have great investment potential once the peace regime is established and the UN Security Council sanctions are lifted. It has abundant resources and excellent work force.
JIPYONG's North Korea Practice Group is the most specialized team, both at home and abroad, with related researches and legal consultations accumulated since the early 2000s.

JIPYONG has been engaged in legislation research and legal services related to North Korea since 2000 with a team comprised of experts well-versed in the politics, economics and history of North Korea, as well as its laws.

JIPYONG's North Korea team attorneys have been commissioned by the Ministry of Unification, Ministry of Justice and Ministry of Government Legislation, etc. to conduct significant research and consultation on North Korean legislation, and legislation for exchange and cooperation between the two Koreas. They have also been playing important roles in the establishment of legislation for Gaesong Industry Complex through participation in the policy committee, policy innovation committee, and legal advisory council for Gaesong Industrial Complex, etc. at the Ministry of Unification.

JIPYONG is the most experienced Korean law firm in terms of legal services in countries undergoing regime change from socialism to reformation and opening, through its overseas offices in China, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, Russia and Iran. We believe such a wealth of experience and know-how will be employed usefully in North Korea-related matters.
JIPYONG's North Korea team will strive to bring the most accurate and efficient services based on its considerable expertise and vast experience to foreign and domestic companies and institutions which are interested in North Korea


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